Scooter Boy(TM). Part web site, part comic book, all good. Scooter Boy(TM) is an interactive fiction experience using the Web as a medium. The story and artwork are all original and not published in any other form, making it an internet exclusive.

User's Guide:

Scooter Boy(TM) is pretty simple to use. When you get to the home page, click on the current episode button to start the current episode. If you're not caught up with us, click on the past episodes button and catch up with the story.

The Icons at the bottom of the page:

Forward-this moves you forward through the story
Back-this moves you back to the last screen

There are also random icons at the bottom of the page that change throughout the story.
For example:
Scooter Boy<FONT SIZE=1>(TM)</FONT><FONT SIZE=3>(TM)</FONT> Icon

These indicate that certain characters are in the scene. The above icon is Scooter Boy(TM) (Hirlem)'s symbol. When you click on one of these icons, they will give you a status report on the character the icon represents. You'll get used to these as you use them. Or you can choose not to use them at all.

Keep up with us

New episodes of Scooter Boy(TM) should go up about every two weeks. Instead of remembering to check back, you can join our mailing list by sending mail to: Brad@Bartz.com. Whenever a new episode goes up, you'll be the first to know about it.

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